We are welcomed to the heart of the Australian continent and immediately shown the breath-taking rusty red and greenish-grey landscape of the Outback, seeing some of the local wildlife along the way as we are shown some of the best campsites in the area and teased with some of the landmarks and beauties of the Land Down Under such as Uluru, only making us want to come and experience the majesty and beauty of the land ourselves.

We follow in the adventure of DJ and Clyde as Intrepid Real Life Australia takes them on the authentic Aussie adventure they wanted, ensuring no stops are missed or experiences left out as they drive and camp their way through Central Australia. Such things included on their adventure is the essential breakfast or lunch by barbecue, an up close encounter with a local emu with no fences or barriers and trekking, hiking or even flying over the beautiful and ancient hills, worn mountains and rugged dry landscapes before a dinner by campfire under the Australian night sky. Not all of the adventure is by car, foot or helicopter as the pair mount a camel for a quick ride, an experienced DJ says. The next stop is the simply amazing and one of a kind Uluru, made more majestic by a sunrise over the landmark monolith. Our explorers are also treated to local Aussie cuisine such as the witchetty grub, eating raw straight from the wilds.

These are just some of the highlights of DJ and Clyde’s adventure down under, and they more than certainly had more than enough adventure and excitement on their trip, with Clyde stating that ‘this trip has been an all-consuming exciting adventure with a bunch of fellow travellers that very quickly became great friends.”

Video created by Intrepid Travel – http://www.intrepidtravel.com/intrepidtv