Just cause you’re out travelling, roughing it in the wilds away from civilisation, doesn’t mean you have to miss out on a few sweets or sugary goods. If you know how you can be snacking on some of your favourite desserts out in the bush by a good old campfire. The apple cinnamon spring rolls are a bit different to an apple pie or apple crumble but are easy to make and a real treat anywhere, even out in the bush.
First of all, you’ll need a bowl to mix your ingredients. Put in your apple pieces paste and ensure mash it, if it’s not already, always good to double mash. Add some sultana’s, which is completely optional if they’re not your thing, then the cinnamon, a sprinkling is all you need, then mix it all together. You’ll know when it’s good and mixed when it tastes sensational. If not, add one or more of the ingredients till you get it right.
The next thing you’ll need to do is take some spring roll pastry sheets, add a little of the apple cinnamon mix and roll it up. To seal the edges, use water, or to give it some extra flavour use some melted butter instead. Lightly coat the edges in whichever one you use, then pop it in a pre-oiled pan and you’re ready to cook. It takes around 10-15 minutes to cook, flipping once to cook the other side until the entire roll is a golden brown colour with slight variations of darker browns. When cooked take the rolls out of the pan onto some a plate with some paper towel to drain off any oil, then when they’re dry remove the paper and add the last and quite possibly most important ingredient, cream or ice cream. You can add some extra flavouring like extra cinnamon, chocolate sauce or other sweet toppings on top, or leave it as it is, but either way, you now have something sweet to enjoy in the bush by your fire.

Video created by Roothy Bush Cooking – http://www.roothy.com.au/