Fish and chips are a large part of the Aussie culture, and you don’t have to miss out when you’re travelling and can’t find a chipery nearby.

First of cook your chips, or wedges if that’s what you’re having. Heat up some cooking oil in a pot and stick in the chips when it’s bubbling for five minutes, or until they’re a golden brown. Once their done and cooked set them aside to drain, but stick them somewhere warm so they don’t lose their heat.

To make a beer batter mix one and a half cups of flour, an egg, just the yellow yolk if you can, some salt and pepper, the pepper being optional, some sugar, some cream or milk, and one and a half cups of beer in a bowl. Once all the ingredients are well mixed and when it is a thick watery cream dip your fish fillets, about one or two per person your serving and the type of fish entirely up to you, making sure to coat the entire thing, then bang it against the side of the bowl to shake off excess batter then pop it in the oil; when cooking the fillets try and leave enough room in the pot and the oil so that the fillets can swim a little. Flip several times to ensure that all sides are cooked and golden brown, and the fish is read when it’s a nice golden brown, like the chips, maybe with some darker colouration on the tops. Once they’re done and golden brown take them out of the pot onto a plate with paper towel to drain away any excess oil. Once they’re dry enough serve the fish and chips, add some lemon juice or some sauce if you’ll like, and if you havn’t finished the beer already have it with the meal while you relax around a fire.

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