When camping or travelling don’t just pack canned foods with you, get some variety in what you have for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Stews are a great meal to cook up because they’re easier and they’re varied in their ingredients, textures and flavours.

To make a Camp oven stew you need a camp oven, the kind with a lipped edge lid preferably and the size depending on how many people you’re trying to feed, and your choice of cut and diced meat, a large mix of vegetables, your choice of food stock or seasoning and some olive oil.

The first step is to preheat your oven over the fire, then take it aside and add some olive oil, then add the meat to cook. Wait till the meat is browned or golden, then add the seasoning or stock and stir them into the meat, then let it sit for five to 10 minutes to let the seasoning or stock soak into the meat.

While you’re waiting for the meat to soak up the seasoning or stock make a second bed of coals to cook on aside from the main fire. Never cook anything on the main fire itself or else you’ll risk burning the food. Once you’re happy that the meat has soaked up the seasoning or stock put the oven on the new bed of coals and add the vegetables. Put the lid back on and let the whole thing sit for a few hours, stirring roughly 20 minutes to half an hour. With the vegetables you won’t need to add any water as the juices from the meat and the veggies will do that for you, turning the entire thing into a lovely stew; if you feel that the stew does need some water add some.

After a few hours remove the lid and check the stew. The vegetables should be breaking down into nice soft chunks of vegetables mixing with the meat, if not then give the whole thing a few more minutes. When the stew is finally finished serve straight from the pot, no need to add a side or anything, just a good drink, a good fire, and good company.

Video created by TheHookandTheCook – https://www.youtube.com/user/TheHookandTheCook