When camping you don’t need to be cooking royalty to eat like a king. If you can picture it, and if you’ve got the right ingredients you can feast under the stars by a good fire.

First of all, make sure you’ve got a good fire going early so it’s down to the coals when you’re about to preheat and cook. Stick in the pot or camp oven to heat up and add some oil to keep everything from burning and sticking to the insides. If you want to find a good camp oven of any size, check out BFC and the staff will help you find which one is best for you; they also teach you how to take care of them. Best tip, oil them after every use to prevent

On tonight’s menu is lamb shanks, easy to make, and beautiful to taste. The best part of any roast is that you can cook it with just about any vegetable or sides, such as the stuff sitting in the bottom of the fridge or cupboard; be careful with experimenting with mixing foods, however, some things don’t go well together while others bring out the best in all parties.

Take the camp oven off the fire once it’s hot enough, add some ginger, cut up into chunks, and the lamb shanks followed by Worchester sauce, a drizzle of honey and some jam, then pop on the lid and stick it back in the coals. Again to ensure an even cook to both sides once you’ve put the camp oven in the fire take a shovel full of coals and stick it on top; make sure when you do this that you can get to the oven handle with a stick or a metal hook, so not to burn yourself and grab the oven out when it’s done.

After half an hour check the oven, and the lamb should be starting to turn brown. Add some potato’s, whole, diced or chunks your choice, to the oven, and stick it back in the fire for another 20 to 30 minutes, or when the shanks are nice and brown, maybe a bit blackened around the edges and the potatoes are just starting to turn brown themselves.

For some extra flavour cook up some vegetables and gravy on the side. Nice and simple put two or three smaller camp ovens, depending on how many vegetables you’re having on the fire with water in all of them, wait till it’s boiling and pop in the veggies for five minutes. The same goes for the gravy but there isn’t really a timeframe to cooking it. It’s ready when it’s nice and thick without any lumps.

And that’s how you cook yourself a beautiful camp oven lamb shank. Make sure you enjoy it with some friends by a fire under a beautiful starry night sky, or even at home with good company, and possibly a good drink.