Not all your cooking has to be done in a camp oven, but all of it requires a good fire and coals. Something different to take with you is a barbeque spit. It’s great for cooking meats such as beef, pork, lamb or chicken and you can see the meat being cooked. They’re not great for cooking, say, vegetables, but they are great for cooking roasts.
To make a spit roast beef put some olive oil in a bowl with some garlic. Optionally you can add in ingredients such as herbs, horseradish, honey, oyster sauce or anything else you like or feel would taste good with roast beef. Mix all the ingredients in the bowl till it’s a nice thick sauce and set it aside so you can work on the next part.
Put the lumps of beef, or whichever meat you are cooking, on the spit pole and push them down as far down as they will go. Alternatively, you could marinate the beef for several hours before cooking to increase the flavour and taste factor. Once the beef is on the spit paint it with the sauce you made, ensuring everything is covered and you’re ready to stark cooking.

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By this point, you should have a fire going with a nice bed of coals and the spit box set up with its own bed of coals or fire going. Stick the spit pole on the box and rotate the meat evenly, either by hand or by machine, for several hours.
Now roast anything is just not the same without a gravy or sides. There are several ways to make a gravy and several ingredients one can use. For this gravy cook up some bacon pieces with some mushrooms with a thick sauce made from water and flour, then stir it all together over a flame, carefully. For the sides wrap some potatoes in tin foil, and simply chuck them in the fire for around an hour, or when they’re golden brown when you get them out of the coals and peel away the foil.
Again one of the best parts about cooking with the spit is you can see the meat cooking, and you’ll know it’s ready when it’s a delicious dark brown, maybe even blackened on one side. Take it off the spit and carve up the meat, then serve with the gravy potatoes on the side and a cold drink by the fire.
Now again you can do almost anything to your meat, mix it with any ingredient or combine any flavour and it’ll be delicious regardless. It’s entirely up to you and your taste buds, and however you’re feeding of course.