Hooray for another bush cooking video! Australians sure love to be outdoors and more than that, we love our food – so today’s post features Ronny Dahl’s 3 Easy Meals when camping. That’s definitely what you need when going camping – with all the chaos that’s happening with setting up tents and other bits and pieces, a good and easy meal is perfect to top off a busy day of settling in. The 3 meals that Ronny shows us include a tuna pasta salad, can food mix up and banana chocmellows – a great mix of entree, main and dessert. If you’re on your way to a camping trip, check this video out and click through for other great ideas!

Video created by Ronny Dahl – Patreon.com/RonnyDahlhttps://www.4-wheeling-in-western-australia.com/