There’s something great about campfire cooking that makes us feel like outdoor pioneers. From collecting firewood, starting that fire and cooking together with your family and friends is a great way to get out of our heads, away from work and school and be with nature. So the first thing we’ll talk about are the different methods of camp fire cooking.

Grill Cooking

Placing your food over a grill and directly over your open flame is a great way to cook your sausages, burgers, hot dogs etc.

Foil Cooking

Remember your aluminium foil so you can wrap your food in and throw straight into the coals! This is probably one of the simplest methods of cooking – just make sure you have tongs so you can unwrap the hot foil and check your food!

Pot Cooking

If you have a pot handy, throw your soups, stews in the pot and have it sitting on top of the coal ready to cook.

BBQ Cooking

Most families have portable BBQ’s these days so if you have space, bring it along and set it up for the day. Place your meats, sausages, breads and eggs and prepare it for some BBQ-ing!

The next post we have will be about what foods you can bring along that will make camping a lot easier! Keep an eye out for the next 101 post.