Nick and Caleb of TarraDarraBros take to the Mangroves in search of lunch and hungry for some mud crabs. After hours they find their first, a large male mud crab with large pinchers or nippers, and show how to tell the difference between males (those with triangles on their stomachs) and the females (those with ovals on the stomachs).

On the second mud crab they show how to catch one without hurting yourself: using a stick to hold it down and stop it from running, approach slowly from behind and carefully behind down to grab the pinchers with both hands before lifting the crab off the ground. And don’t let go, don’t let even a bit of skin get between the pinchers or it will hurt. The same can be said for packing the crab away. Put it slowly in the bucket or container feet and body first so its standing upright, then let go and quickly remove your hands. Nick and Caleb place mangrove leaves between each crab to stop them from attacking r nipping each other.

To tell when a crab is good for cooking, feel their shells. The harder and firmer, the more packed full of meat they are. Some crabs can with rock hard and ready to eat but have no pinchers as the boys found, so make sure you check the shell not the size of their arms.

The boys also show that the safe way is not the only way to catch some lunch. If your quick enough, and careful enough you can catch a crab by yourself without a stick or anything. Just, be careful when doing so.

Nate and Caleb choose to make their crabs over a fire. First of all, they put the crabs in a freezer to put them to sleep, so that when cooked the crabs won’t feel a thing. The boys waited till their fire had burnt down to red hot coals and ash, then put the crabs straight into the pit, on their backs, and within seconds the crabs were turning from a grey to a nice orange colour. Wait till all of the grey has become orange and flip them over.

The boys have their crab with a butter lemon sauce which is as easy to cook as the crabs. Put some butter with garlic, capsicum (pepper) parley, lemon juice and some Worchester sauce in a pan, preferably without a hole in it, then put the pan into the coals to cook with some pepper. Once it’s all done serve the crab and the sauce, and tuck in.

Video created by TarraDarraBros