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Imagine being stranded in the arid Australian outback. What five things would you rather have? Well, the one thing you would definitely need is “food” and there is no better meal than a traditional Australian damper. While dampers have been the staple meal of stockmen and swaggies for like forever, you too can learn how to cook up your own camp-oven fresh damper even under harsh conditions.

In this crash course video, Ricky Musgrave Evans a pioneer Australian outback artist will show you just what you need and how to make your own tasty camp oven damper. Below are excerpts from this intriguing video. Enjoy reading!

Summary Text Of Video

Camp-Oven Fresh Damper

While camping out in the vast, semi-arid Australian outback, make sure to carry along a few items if you want to cook a damper. The most important items you will need include;

  1. A camp oven: This is just a pot with a lid, you can get one from any regular camping gear retail store.
  1. Firewood or charcoal: This is essential to cook your damper, so carry along some firewood or preferably take some good quality charcoal along with you.
  1. Handy cigarette lighter and kerosene: You will need a box of matches or better still a cigarette lighter. Also, take some kerosene to help keep your charcoal burning.
  1. Utensils: Make sure to bring along a mixing bowl, a mixing spoon, a knife, fork, plate, cup and a mug for some hot beverage.
  1. Damper Ingredients: You are not going to see a supply store out in the desert, so bring along the following ingredients necessary for cooking up your damper.
  2. Flour (corn or wheat, the choice is yours)
  3. Milk powder
  4. Salt
  5. Bottle of pure olive oil
  6. Water (very important)

Step 1: Heat Up Your Charcoal

Set up a cooking area and heat up your charcoal. Place your camp oven on the hot charcoal to heat the base a bit.

Step 2: Mix Your Ingredients

Put at least a cup of flour in the mixing bowl. Next, add ⅓ of a cup of milk powder to the flour and mix. Take two pinches of salt, add it to your flour and milk powder mix. Mix all three ingredients thoroughly using your mixing spoon.

Add 3 spoons of olive oil to your mix, the olive oil will give your damper a really good flavor. Make sure to mix all the ingredients well by stirring with the spoon. You can now add some water to your mix and keep on stirring.

A word of caution as you stir your damper mix. Avoid sticking your hand and fingers in the mix, cause you never know what could be on them. The last thing you want while Australian outbacking is a but of diarrhea after eating your damper.

Step 3: Prepare Your Camp Oven

While mixing your damper dough, take the camp oven off the hot charcoal and allow the base of the camp oven to cool a bit. Rub some olive oil on the inside of the camp oven. This will stop the damper from sticking to the base of camp oven while cooking.

Step 4: Place The Damper Dough In The Camp Oven

As the base of the camp oven cools off, put a bit of flour on your hands and pick up the damper dough. Mold the dough to a traditional damper shape (round and flat). Place the damper dough in the camp oven. Do not worry, the flour is self-rising, so expect a damper that is about twice the size of the flat dough after cooking. Before you close the lid of the camp oven, use your knife and create a criss-cross on the dough once it is in the camp oven.

Step 5: Cook Your Damper

Close the lid of your camp oven and then place hot charcoal on the lid. Be careful not to hurt yourself as you do. Leave the hot charcoal on the camp oven for about 10 minutes.

Breakfast Is Served!

After 10 minutes, voila! your camp-oven fresh damper is ready to be served. The criss-cross on the dough that you made earlier will make it easy to break up your damper.

So there you have it. You damper can be eaten with dried or cooked meat, but if you didn’t carry this along with you, just eat it with a hot cup of your favourite beverage.

Video created by Richard Musgrave-Evans.