This video has been created for all travel enthusiasts who want to explore an unexplored Central Australia. It is about a road trip from Townsville to Broken Hill, and what are the majestic attractions lie on the route. The trip starts from Townsville, which is often called an unofficial capital of New Queensland.

From a vast natural expanse to colorful birds and creatures, you can enjoy every bit of this travel that will take you through different terrains. You will drive through perfect roads to marshy lands and from deserts to hilly regions, and will enjoy this exciting journey.

After watching this video, you will be encouraged to begin your journey to uncover everything on your own. When you will see the wildlife and domesticated creatures roaming together, you will find it hard to believe.  On your trip, you will spot deers, camels, goats and a variety of other animals.  

The video reveals all natural attractions that one will come across while on this trip. One of the most beautiful waterfalls will amaze everyone. While passing by the Savannah, there could be an opportunity of watching a diverse type of beautiful birds. Some you will find silent, while others are sharply chirping.  On your way, you will come to see the Caranbirini Conservation Reserve, Davenport Range National Park and Mutawintji National Park. More than enough for nature lovers!

There are wonderful geological attractions that have been captured in this video, and which could amaze anyone. For example, you will come across granite quarries, hundreds of mole hills, King’s Canyon, huge boulders, steep gorges and also perennial waterfalls. 

 Is this trip all about traveling only? Not really. The video shows the ways you can relax and have a fun time when you are not traveling. There are pubs, shopping plaza, campfire and everything that you want to relish on a vacation. Freshly roasted sweet potatoes and carrots could be delicious and nutritious as well for your meal.

 The video also offers overnight stay options, which include underground hotels that maintain a pleasant temperature throughout the year. And also, you will find the historic Silverton Hotel on this travel route, shown in hundreds of movies and commercials, and you will enjoy your stay there. 

Do you need any further information to kick start your journey to unearth hidden secrets on your trip to Broken Hill from Townsville? No, you have all the inspiration now!

Video created by PTH Team Road Travel Videos. Narrated by Gail Sadleir