Here at Micks Gone Bush, we love nothing more than to provide knowledge and secrets about camping, bush cooking, Australian travel, off road driving and fishing. Today, we’re going to talk about fishing 101 for beginners. As with everything else we do in life, we need to practice in order to be better and fishing definitely falls into that category. Different fish need different equipment, are found in different locations and need special attention. So today, we’re going to start with a very popular breed of fish – Yellowfin Bream. Here are our top tips for catching bream for dinner!


Let’s start with where to find Yellowfin Bream. This breed of fish can be found in the surf, around headlands, estuary environments, open sand flats and you can also find them lurking in areas of structure such as fallen trees, rock bars, oyster leases, breakwalls and boat ramps. If you are fishing in day light, target structured areas however overnight, try open areas where there are sand flats.


There are so many types of bait out there that may work for 1 fish but won’t work for another. We’ve seen people using sandwich bits as bait, chicken breast, boiled prawns etc. Yellowfish bream are ready to take both lures or bait. Baits that are more likely to work include beach worms, pipis or prawns. One of the best baits that I’ve used myself are live nippers – definitely, remember to clip off the claws as these can be a threat to the fish you’re trying to catch.


People often think that 1 rod will work for all fish and this is probably the biggest mistake you can make but its a common misconception. If you are using a light rod for a big fish, you can already see where the mistake is. For Yellowfin Bream, you can stick to a light to medium rod and light threadline reel for both estuary and beach/rock fishing.

Fishing, in general, is extremely peaceful and relaxing, all you need to remember is be patient and know your locations. It’s also good to know that live bait will always work better than dead bait (take time to catch beach worms, pipis or find a store that sell these live). Good luck and have fun!