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Northwest Colorado is a magical part of our country. Beautiful mountains, green meadows bordered by park-like yield, while making his way to Utah, a majestic high desert country. Elk, deer, bears, mountain lions and antelopes are some of the mammals in the region. Streams and rivers are full of trout, pike and other fish. Running through much of this country is the Yampa River. Rivers is one of the best fishing Colorado.
The Yampa River meanders through more than 250 miles from some of the most impressive is in the 48 states. It is the largest basin in the state of Colorado. It can certainly be the number one fishing river in the state.

Before being contained in the reservoir of Stagecoach, the Yampa is essentially a mountain stream, giving his share of small trout, both rainbows and murderers. After escaping the confines of the coach, the downstream section of the river, which is known by fishermen. For fishermen who are after bigger fish, this stretch lasting about Hayden, Colorado is the concentration area. This is the section where you can find many out of state fishermen and guides. Sometimes it is filled with doubts.

There is an assumption that trout fishing is essentially over the past Hayden. This is certainly not the case. If you have the opportunity to fish anywhere up to Craig, the trout can be caught. In addition, this section of the river, smallmouth bass are very good at numbers and there are plenty of pike. If you are just after decent trout fishing in exchange for less in the way of the masses, this section of the river may be right for you. This section is beautiful in its way. River Valley is farms.

Once you have passed Craig, the river begins to turn rather quickly in a warm water fishery. After passing Juniper Canyon, large catfish are still occasionally landed. By the time the river makes its way to Maybell, like a slow-moving river catfish in the Midwest. The river is very much used for irrigation in these sections.

As for baits, flies and lures, more or less standard fare is what you want to use, if targeting trout. For specific information on flies, there are several very good shops in Steamboat Springs, giving you plenty of advice in exchange for spending a little money. There are also some very good guide services in the area.

The Yampa in the section between Hayden and Craig is a great current fleet and fish. There is no doubt a lively some sections. There are rifles that are followed by slow moving pools. There are many places you can fish directly from a drift boat or canoe. Some areas are better fish to bring your boat to the coast and fishing Wade. Once you go from Craig, especially in spring, there are sections that are treacherous.

Make sure you know the river conditions before leaving. Needless to say, take the flotation device. During cold weather fleet (obviously before the river freezes), be prepared to deal with a situation in which their canoe overturned.

A word of caution is in order. There are plenty of public access to the Yampa River. However, local farmers are not bothered by fishermen because of their property. Since public access is so broad, the respect of their rights to stay out of their land unless permission has been granted.

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