For long-range two-way voice communications in Australia, you have the option of a satellite phone or an HF (High Frequency) Radio, such as The Barrett 4050 HF SDR transceiver HF Radio. Although satellite phones are the ultimate easiest means of direct contact, handset purchase, phone contracts and ongoing call costs can make ownership prohibitive. In comparison, an HF Radio allows unlimited voice/data transmission, position logging, weather/road updates, plus a community of travellers to Send your GPS Coordinates to our system for your family to view on a map, or even through to Facebook for your friends,  Send and Receive SMS Messages from your HF Radio to any mobile phone in Australia through one of our many bases located across Australia, Send and Receive messages via email to any one of your preset addresses directly to your radio and more

HF radios are capable of transmitting over 3000km, dependent on frequency, equipment specifications and atmospheric conditions. Both short and long-range communication is possible thanks to the signal carrying over ground and sky waves. Ground waves may allow for the vehicle to vehicle contact within 100kms. Skywaves reflect the signal off the ionosphere in Earth’s upper atmosphere, back down to the ground achieving greater distances.

It is not recommended as a short-range vehicle to vehicle option, as the signal is transmitted at great distances, congesting the frequency making it unusable for other users. Someone 3000km away doesn’t need to hear your daily chit-chat, but the option is there if travelling in convoy and the UHF does not reach you.

To legally operate an HF in Australia, obtain a licencing authority by joining an HF Radio club network. Current club membership will permit you to transmit on several frequencies, providing contact with base stations or their members. Licensing is mandatory due to the high transmission output, around 100 watts.

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