A Maxtrax is an essential piece of equipment when travelling the Australian bush by car, but sometimes even when you know the rules about wheel spin someone, be it you, a travelling companion or a stranger your helping, will break the rule and will break the teeth studs of the board.

As the studs are a hard foam rubber designed to bend slightly and grip the treads of car tires they can’t be repaired as they are if they are broken or melted. The best method to fixing the Maxtrax stud is to cut out the damaged stud/s and replace them with metal stud bolted into the board. These metal studs can be found and brought easily off of eBay or Maxtrax Repair Kits.com, and to install one onto the board you’ll need the replacement stud, a 13 mm socket wrench to tighten the nut of the replacement stud, a knife to cut away the damaged stud, an 8 mm drill bit and drill, and though not necessary, something to sand the surface of the Maxtrax around the damaged stud so as to give you a smooth surface to work with.

First off all cut away the damaged stud right to the base making sure to get any raised areas. Again this step isn’t necessary but it makes it easy, but sand down the stud base so to remove any raised areas that you cannot remove with the knife and to give you a smooth area to work with.

Next take the drill and make a hole as centre as you can into the stud base. Clear away any burs or raised areas that form after drilling and push the stud through the hole. It will be tight and maybe a bit hard to push it all the way through, but that’s what you want as the tighter the hole means the stud is less likely to move around or twist.

Once the stud is through the hole put the nut on the thread and tighten it with the socket wrench. You may want to hold the top of the stud with a wrench to stop it from moving as you tighten.

And that’s how it is down. If you are replacing more than one stud make sure that they do not all face in the same direction as it will reduce the efficiency of the board itself. To see how to repair your Max Track see this video