Let’s talk about exploring caves. If you’ve never gone to a cave before, you’re truly missing out. Put aside bats and fear of the dark, if you’re going to the Blue Mountains, you need to visit the Jenolan Caves in Australia. These caves are known to be the oldest caves on Earth standing at a whopping 340 million years old in the making. It’s quite an incredible force of nature that is still standing strong on our nation today.

When you visit the Blue Mountains, we highly recommend the trail hikes to see the beautiful Three Sisters, Wentworth Falls as well as take a trip to Jenolan Caves. They offer easy walk paths for people of all ages which allow you to see the Jenolan Rivers and the Blue Lake. If you’re a pro, take the strenuous trail to see beautiful high lookouts. Either walk will allow you to see Australia’s wildlife! They even offer ghost tours for all your ghost hunters out there. Check out the video below to see what you can expect from this amazing part of the Blue Mountains!

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