Sometimes when you’re out on the road you want to try something different, or sometimes you forget to bring something essential with you. It happens.

Either way, if you find yourself without an oven or something to cook with for something small, like a coffee pot or a small pot, or you don’t think it’s safe to put it on the main fire or bury it in hot coals here is another way to making a cooking fire.

Find a large thick tree, preferably one that’s already fallen over and cut off a log about 35 centimetres long and around 15 centimetres thick. Now take your drill, for whatever reason you brought a drill camping, and drill a hole using a spade bit through the top of the log to around two-thirds deep. Then flip the log on its side and drill another hole so that the two meet up.

Flip the log backup so the top hole is facing up. Place some rocks, or some nails if you have them so you have a base to put your pot or kettle on, meaning try and make the nails as even height as possible or find rocks as flat as possible.

The best part about this log stove is you really don’t have to add anything to it in terms of fire fuel. Simply place a little bit of kindling inside the hole and light out using the side hole, then, if need be, add some more kindling or some sticks through the top hole. Once the fire gets going you don’t have to add any more as it’ll use the inside of the log as its fuel source.

The side hole allows air to get into the fire, and it should be coming out the top. Once it is and you’re comfortable with it, start cooking. And once you’re done the cooking, you can either put out the fire and use the stove again, if possible, let it keep burning, or throw it, carefully, onto your main fire.

And that is how you make and use a camp stove from a log.

Video created by IntenseAngler Outdoors