The state of Victoria is the smallest of the mainland states and territories, excluding the Australian Capital Territory, and is the most southern point sitting opposite Tasmania. Named after the then-queen Victoria it covers around 227,416 km2 or 2.96% of the country, and has a temperate climate with a grassland clime in the north-west corner, most of which is either untouched or urbanised in towns or farms and pastures.

Victoria is dominated to the east by the Victorian Alps, the bottom end of the Australian alps that make up the Great Dividing Range which runs the length of the eastern coast. To the east is the Grampians National Park named after the Scottish mountains. In between are a mix of hills and grasslands, commonly referred to as ‘the bush’. The grasslands and forestry hills of the state are full of hundreds of beautiful sights and places to see and experience through camping or travelling, where the only signs of humans might be the paved road leading to the next town, or the carved stairs and tracks maybe with handrails to ensure safety as you climb and traverse the landscape.

The coast of Australia, famed for its beaches is quite cold and windy grey, due to being located along the Bass Straight bridging the Tasman Sea and the Southern Ocean. Here the landscape is dominated by sandstone coasts that over time have formed imposing cliffs rising from the beaches or the oceans, and magnificent stacks, gorges and arches, the most famous of these found along the Great Ocean Road such as the Twelve Apostles, despite their originally only being nine, and Loch Ard Gorge, named for the ship that shipwrecked just outside the opening. This stretch of coast is also famously known as Shipwreck Coast dur to the dangerous waters claiming many ships, such as the Loch Ard, on their way to Melbourne and Tasmania.

As one explores the landscape among the blue-grey eucalyptus trees you’ll come up close and personal with the local wildlife such as kangaroos, the laughing kookaburra, the tree bound koala bear or even less desirable the leach, among other dozens of animals and creatures. Despite their reputation the animals are quite docile and even friendly, more inclined to flee if humans get too close or too annoying.

Victoria, despite being the smallest of the mainland states, is just as jammed pack with scenic destinations and adventure-fuelling landscapes. It is in itself a world apart from the tropical north, the desert and arid centre or the cool-temperate green paradise of Tasmania, and wherever you roam, there is bound to be something around each corner to take your breath away.