When people travel to Australia, Sydney and Melbourne are probably the two most popular choices to visit – they’re usually filled with popular restaurants, clubs, pubs and weekend events. Not very often do you hear people wanting to explore Adelaide over Sydney/Melbourne so we wanted to change your perception on this little city.

Adelaide has over 1.2 million people residing there (as opposed to 4.2 million in Sydney). You’ll definitely find that there are towns with only a few hundred people and it’s probably why a lot of people don’t find any activities there. We found this great short video on Youtube by Youtuber Jake Rich who explores the heart of the city and shows you why you should pay Adelaide a visit. So watch the video below and add it to your bucket list!

Video created by Jake Rich – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrkv8v-7sjNuBQo93PhG7EiffhAPnfZsa