RedArc 12v 1000w PureSine Wave Inverter

If you need to run small appliances in the bush such as a laptop etc check this out. REDARC Pure Sine Wave Inverters produce the output required for powering most 240-volt equipment on the road. They allow the use of laptops, televisions, microwaves, and power tools by replicating mains power to common household appliances.

The clean output power from a REDARC Pure Sine Wave Inverter is essential for protecting sensitive electronic equipment.

All Inverters feature multiple levels of protection including overload, short-circuit and over‑temperature, and a load-controlled cooling fan which engages when power consumption reaches a pre-set level.

REDARC also has a remote on/off switch (sold separately) which allows the control of the inverter. The inverter can be installed out of sight and controlled from a more convenient location, such as the inside of your caravan or campervan.

The remote switch can be flush-mounted up to eight meters from the inverter.

With REDARC inverters you can take all the comforts of home with you while you travel – without fear of damaging your valuable appliances.




Input (Operating) Voltage 10.5 – 16.5VDC
Output System Voltage 240VAC
Output Power 1000W
Warranty 2 Years
Connection AU/NZ Power Socket
Length (mm) 372
Height (mm) 83
Weight (kg) 3.26
Width (mm) 200