The Revolution Power Solutions lithium-ion battery has changed our way of life. We’re mobile-connected virtually everywhere and the lithium deep-cycle battery allows remote-area camping with ample power for the fridge, lights, entertainment, and communications. We have installed a  Revolution lithium battery in our set up and it has just been fantastic and is still performing perfectly.

The advantages of lithium over lead-acid are numerous and notable: it’s up to half the weight in some instances, meaning you can save precious kilos on your setup. Lithium puts out 12.8 crispy volts of power, all of the ways down to 20% of the battery capacity, where lead-acid becomes an expensive and ugly doorstop anywhere south of 11.8V, or somewhere under 50%. So, pound for pound power in terms of amp-hours, lithium power is vastly superior. It recharges better, as well, with a much more efficient capture rate.

If you require reliable power and/or want to be “off-grid” for extended periods of time, the Revolution Power 100ah Lithium battery is the solution. With a genuine 100Ah rating (C20), 100 Amp continuous draw for 60 minutes, and the ability to be paralleled, Revolution Power Australia’s 100ah Lithium Battery offers customers flexibility and redundancy in designing power solutions. When 2 batteries are used in parallel, they can power a 2000W inverter to run all your gadgets and appliances like a toaster, coffee machine, fridge/freezer, and even air-conditioning.

Weighing only 11.9kg, re-charging 5x faster than traditional batteries, and providing 10x the cycle life of traditional batteries, the Revolution Power 100ah Lithium battery is the #1 choice for the ultimate power solution.