I am a Northern lass through and through, but am not the hardiest of types. I’m what’s known in Yorkshire as nesh – that’s to say, I’m not good with the cold; soft, if you prefer.

As a teenager going out I would always take a coat, as I would far rather be warm than stylish. (And I never leant it to my cold friends as they shivered while we waited of a taxi In the small hours. Smug? Me?!)

IMG_4433.JPGDue to my aversion to the cold, one of the things I hate most about camping is those few minutes just before you get into bed. I’ll have been toasty-warm around the fire, maybe wrapped up in a coat, and when it’s time to turn in I have perform what looks like a children’s game, rapidly shedding some layers and replacing them with others, before diving into my cold sleeping bag and wiggling my legs in an attempt to warm it up.

Now before you suggest I sit around the fire already in my thermals, I do have some dignity and would rather not be seen in something which looks like it’s come out of my grandmother’s wardrobe. Not for me the morning walk to the loo block in my PJs, they are strictly for inside the tent.

IMG_4513.JPGSo, imagine my delight when I was contacted by the lovely people at SLPY (pronounced: sleepy) to ask if I’d review their new wearable sleeping bag.

After supplying a few vital statistics I was sized up as “medium” and a beautiful snowy white one was delivered to my door. Now, the practicality of white aside (all other colours were out of stock when they sent me one but they do have some funky options) I think these clever peeps are on to something.

I can regularly be found snuggled under a throw on the sofa and one winter famously worked from home full time without heating by sitting at my desk in my sleeping bag. So I think the SLPY is the answer to multiple problems for me.

The simple but effective design uses a lot of zips, so there are zips to create arm holes, to create a gap at the bottom for your feet to poke through and the two-way zip on the front which starts at crotch level. This one foxed me until I realised that you blokes would benefit from it going up a little so you don’t have to get out of it to have a middle-of-the-night tinkle.

There are handy pockets for shoving your cold hands into and a pull cord which means you can hoist it up to your waist, pull tight and magically it becomes the right size for you to wander around in.

IMG_4510.JPGIt is well-padded so I’m sure would keep you warm enough at night -although I must admit we’ve not been camping since I had it so I can’t 100% vouch for that. The drawback of the padding, however, is that when it’s gathered up onto my rather diminutive frame, I could do with a wide load sign on the back. (I will continue to maintain that it’s the padding and not the size of my deriére which creates this impression, so there’s no point making any jokes.)

I could wear it around the campfire and then just walk to bed and sleep. It is fairly narrow, however, so those of you happy with a mummy-style sleeping bag will probably be fine, but those like me who hate being constrained may find it less ideal.

IMG_4509.JPGWhether or not I’ll be sleeping in it any time soon I’ll certainly continue to work in it to save on heating bills and will take it away with us the next time we’re under canvas in order to give it a proper road test. I’ll maybe take it off when answering the door at home though, given the expression on Mum’s face when she arrived to see me wearing it!


Disclaimer: I was given a free Slpy in exchange for this review, but all opinions are my own (I’m not that cheap). Check them out for yourself at www.slpy.com from £119.00

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