This inspiring video is for all canoeing enthusiasts who want to discover an amazing river trail.  The overnight canoe trip will allow you to explore the amazing Shoalhaven River. The trip begins from the Tallowa Dam picnic area and you will canoe on this narrow river till Fossickers Flat. The distance between Tallowa Dam and Fossickers Flat is 15km, and you will love the incredible landscape on both sides of the river along the way.

The canoe trip is going to be absolutely stunning, as the scenery is breathtaking. There is absolute peace all around. Only sounds of a few birds break the monotony. This narrow river is safe for canoeing.  It’s not too steep, nor too hilly. You can move ahead effortlessly. It’s only a 15km trip and you can canoe it in one go. Though you can enjoy fishing on the way, if you have a fishing rod with you.  And if you get your catch, the canoe trip will also become a rewarding experience for you, besides being a heart-felt and satisfactory journey.

There is no rush. Enjoy your canoe trip, the amazing peace and the wonderful weather. There is a lot to explore on either side of the Shoalhaven River.  There are awesome bushes and majestic trees that cover the entire expanse. The greenery is just pleasant to the eyes, and one can never resist himself from appreciating the stunning natural beauty of the place.

Finally, you must reach your destination Fossickers Flat, before the sun sets. You can find some pretty spots covered with pebbles by the riverside. This is where you can think about staying overnight. But before darkness engulfs the entire area, you need to erect the camp. You need a beautiful, safe and cozy space to spend your night and enjoy your sleep, after canoeing a distance of 15km and that too – all alone.

Once you arrange your camp, food is another pressing subject that may be knocking at your mind. Well, you must be carrying something to eat. It could be anything ready to eat, or if you want to cook something, there is only option of burning a fire. Dry twigs and branches of trees could easily be found around. Just light a fire and be ready to roast a piece of chicken, mushrooms or whatever you love in your dinner.

After your diner all alone by the side of a campfire, you can get back to the camp for your night’s sleep. And rest assured, on one will come to disturb you in the night. When you will wake up, the morning breeze will say you – Good Morning!