The video is all about an awesome solo overnight camping trip by a wild Australian riverside. One can go all alone on this camping trip, and there could be several inspiring elements behind this solo journey to the wilderness. Foremost being the amazing Australian bush and an endless peace. Nobody will come to disturb you. You will be all alone; you can’t even see a wild creature. Only, you can listen to the chirping of birds, which is nature’s own melody.

You will love to explore this amazing place that is indeed in the lap of the nature. There are beautiful wild flowers, rivers and gorges, which all will make you happy when you would be there. There are shallow rivers that you can easily cross, without any creepy creature troubling you. The only thing is to put off your knee-high boot that might get wet and which will make your strides really heavier to move ahead on the journey.

Finally, you will be by the river where you are going to stay overnight. There are majestic trees all around, and you can choose a couple of trees for preparing a cozy cradle for your sound and peaceful sleep at night. Yes, it’s ready! Before that you need to have something to eat. After all, it has been a long day. Your dinner is going to be awesome, if you are a little prepared for it. Don’t forget to a carry frozen chicken with you. Roasting chicken isn’t a problem at all. There is dry wood all around. Just light a fire, and roast the chicken for your sumptuous dinner in the wild.

After your dinner, you can get back to your lovely hanging bed to enjoy your sleep. You will wake up all fresh and with a new energy in the morning. All you need now is a cup of coffee. You can have your cuppa, if you have the firebox stove with you. This simple twig stove will allow you brew coffee that you often need to begin your day. To know more about this amazing stove, you can visit the website

So, have you ample inspiration to plan for such a hammock camping by an Australian river? Definitely yes!

Video created by Erik Off-Track. Filmed December 2018.

Music – sourced from YouTube – with thanks to the following artists

Ibiza Dream – Chris Haugen
Dude where s my horse – Nat Keefe with the Bow Ties
Eagle Rock – Wes Hutchinson
Campfire Song – Chris Haugen
Luminous one – Aaron Lieberman