As said dozens or hundreds of times Australia has in beautiful locations and sights in magnitude. However, it is such a large country, and unlike America or Europe,

Video created by Ronny Dahl –

most of it is not built up or urbanized, which means in many places there isn’t a paved road to drive on. Some of the most beautiful and majestic places and locales in Australia can’t be accessed by normal cars or buses. But that is where the mighty 4×4’s come in.

Ronny Dahl, the co-founder of 4 Wheeling Adventure, a camp dedicated to 4×4 driving around 5 or 6 hundred kilometres outside of Perth, Western Australia, presents us with drone footage of the beautiful landscapes and terrains and of drivers tackling the trails and tracks of the camp in their 4×4’s, showcasing the range of difficult terrains and hazards one could face driving the Australian continent.

The tracks and trails come in ranging difficulties from easy to extreme, obviously to be tackled depending on the confidence and skill / experience of the driver behind the wheel. Such tracks include different environments or scenery one might experience in the Outback such as rocky-sand hills and ridges, wet muddy rivers, creeks, and billabongs, the same creeks and lakes dry and dead, or sandier dunes and desert hills where you’re inclined to get stuck. Along the way the cars will be bumped, they will scrape the ground, and they will drive up a hill then down the other almost as soon as they crest it.

Meals on the camp are prepared and served in the quintessential Australian barbeque and nights are had beneath the starry night sky by the camp fire.

This camp is not for seeing landmarks, or for animals, or even for seeing and experiencing the landscape; it’s for driving through it. This camp is to let people see how difficult yet rewarding driving through Australia is, to see all the different landscapes and terrains they would encounter and have to navigate to get to the landmarks or the camping sights.

So if you want to travel and experience this land the right way, driving through the beautiful land, then it’s highly recommended that you come down to this camp to test yourself. Even if you’re strap for time but still want to experience the wild and rugged natural landscape then please come and try this camp, for it has everything one could want: the landscapes and terrains, driving off road through and camping in said.

All in all, the Australian camping experience would not be possible without the 4×4.