Video created by teetharejade –

The Travel Diaries of Australia showcases the city of Sydney and its surrounding areas, less focusing on the landmarks and big tourists spots but on nature, the wildlife and the food, drink, and festivities.
The clip starts with by trekking through the Eucalyptus bushland to the rocky white beach for a swim in the crystal water, enjoying the company of the local lizards. Next, we experience a walk through Sydney from Begg ln to Broughton St looking at some of the shops and stores such as Acacia and Scanlan Theodore selling the best and latest fashions and accessories that are as well shown throughout the clip. After all the shopping we pause for a bit at the café’s and pubs of the city, enjoying such things as garlic bread, olives, and beers.
Next, up we take a look at the magnificent Bondi beach, a CenterPoint for locals and tourists. Showing off its glorious beach, its ripper surf and the scenic cliffs and rocks, we’re also shown the Bondi Iceberg pool, the swimming centre placed along the coast and filled with saltwater to give the real ocean experience without the dangers.
After a sun-filled day at the beach where better to kick back and unwind than in the bars, pubs and world class restaurants of the city, with live performers and bands, great local and worldwide foods and of course a wide selection of drinks to choose from and to start a great night or end an excellent day.
From the nightlife to the wildlife we visit one of the three zoos in Sydney where you can see local and famous wildlife from around the continent, such as the Echidna or Spiky Anteater, the Wombat, the Tasmanian Devil, the cute and cuddly Fairy Penguins, the napping Tawny Frogmouth, or the beautiful and stunning Emu and Cassowary birds. You also come close enough to touch with some of the animals, such as petting a sleepy koala in a tree or feeding the kangaroo’s grass from an ice-cream cone.
Step out from the city we are shown the world famous wine regions with its scenic landscape views, and world-renown produce. And after all that adventure we finish with a festival under the lights of the city in one of the many parks of Sydney.