Australia is a land of beautiful but dangerous and tough terrain. Sometimes, you’re gonna get stuck or you’re gonna come across someone who’s stuck. Now depending on how the car is stuck there is several ways to get it out, but if you’re travelling in 4×4’s one of the best ways with little to no headaches is simply to use the winch.

But it’s not as simple as attach and pull. Some situations are that easy but some require some strategy and some ingenuity.

One example is a track in the Glass House mountains in South East Queensland where a car has slipped into a ditch on the side of the road, and if it moves it threatens to scratch or damage the side and rear. To get out of the sticky situation the boys hooked up a winch to the rear of the stuck car and another on the front with the two heling cars parked on a raised ridge. The plan of attack was to use the winches to pull the car from the ditch, away from the raised side which could scratch and damage, and back on the road. On the rear winch they added the winch extension, and a pair of cable dampeners on both parts of the winch to add an airbrake or measure of safety if the connection between the winch and the extension or if either the cable or the extension themselves broke; another key tip of safety if always remember to wear gloves when handling winches, and that bystanders should stand back away from the vehicles in use just in case something goes wrong. Typical for any traveller even in a bit of a jam the boys can’t help but marvel and comment on the beautiful landscape around them and the majestic sunset off in the distance.

When using the winch, as with all machinery, take it slow and careful when moving stuck cars so as to prevent damage to the vehicle as well as the ones with the winches in use and people around. You don’t want to much pressure or strain on the winches, cables, and vehicles. It is important to have a clear channel of communication between all vehicles involved, such as radio’s or hand signals, and that all communications are clear so as to prevent confusion at critical moments.

Regardless of where you travel in Australia, you’re bound to run into someone stuck or get stuck yourself. While the winch on the 4×4 or other off road cars carrying one isn’t the only option to get out a jam, sometimes they are the best and easiest.

Video created by ARB4x4