Camping can be tough for the unseasoned or non-experienced travellers. Camping in Australia, even some of the safer closer-to-home sites can be just as tough, if not more.

Jim McNabb has come with some tips and tricks on how to camp and travel in Australia and the outback. In this video he explains how to deal with one of the most common and annoyingly frustrating Australian pest, the Mosquito, and how to wash up after crawling on a car and getting covered in oil and muck, diesel in particular.

First off. Mosquitos. First off, Aussie mozzies don’t have malaria, so you don’t have to worry about getting some shots before coming Down Under. Jim, being of the older more veteran camping generation takes with an old hurricane lantern which sadly has been outdated by modern technology such as torches, but it is still a great piece of equipment to go camping with. It is wind resistant, meaning that even in strong gusts the fire will remain lit, and when using citronella oil as the fuel it fills the area in a wonderful citronella fragrance which also keeps the mozzies away, and is better for nature and people with allergies or chemical sensitives than bug sprays or deterrents.

Jim’s next trick for removing oils and muck is to use a can of clothing spray designed to get grease and other tough surfaces out of clothes, regardless of which brand, and to spray it on your hands or other dirty areas, then use a little bit of water, cause that’s all you need, and it’ll just wash off.

These are just some of the dozens of handy tips and tricks seasoned campers like Jim have developed and perfected on their travels. So make sure you pick a few up whenever you planning a trip into the bush.

Video created by Jim McNabb