Camping can be a tricky situation for all of us! From the creepy crawlies to being in the wilderness, from no place to do your business to being on strange land, we have our top 10 camping hacks that we wish we knew back in the day!

  1. The first one will rescue your breakfast needs whilst out fighting Mother Nature! Packing eggs in it’s original casing is probably not the wisest idea when driving along bumpy roads. Instead, crack open 8 eggs or 6 large eggs and put them into a water bottle – you’ll be serving up delicious scrambled eggs for breakfast without risking leakage. Genius!
  2. We all know about those irritating pests called mosquitoes – no matter how hard we spray the insect repellent, they just keep coming back for more. Here are some proven home remedies to keep those nasties away – deodorant to combat itchiness and sage or coils to repel.
  3. This next one is definitely one for the books! If you’re as clumsy as me, you’ll have battle wounds from simply walking around your own tent/caravan. Those poles can cause real injury if you aren’t careful but with this next hack, you can be as carefree as you want! Use swimming foam noodles (the ones at the swimming pools) and slide the poles through them to allow for a cushioning effect if you do happen to bump your head! Why didn’t I know about this before?!
  4.  You know how after you’ve finished a whole pack of Tic Tacs and you throw them away? Don’t! Tic Tac boxes are perfect for storing your salt, pepper, sugar and any other dry seasoning ingredient. Just make sure you label them – don’t want salty coffee in the morning!
  5. This is a serious hack and may actually save your life. Before embarking on your camping journey, make sure you research all the poisonous plants and flowers that are relevant to the area in which you’ll be staying. The likes of poison ivy, poison sumac etc, are true to their name! Print out images and familiarise yourself as well as your family.
  6. Bring toilet paper! This is so obvious but people seriously just assume that camping grounds have a proper toilet! Nope, you need to come prepared, especially when it comes to this.
  7. Most of us need coffee to function in the morning, even if we’re on vacation. To avoid bringing a big glass container of coffee, you can create your own mini coffee filters. Simply purchase some filter paper, fill each with 2 tablespoons of coffee (or as much as you like) and tie them up with some string, make sure they are tight! When you’re ready to have your coffee, boil your water, add some sugar and pop one of these babies in your mug and just add water. Simple as that.
  8. Whenever I go on holiday, I always end up buying a whole heap of mini travel sized shampoos, conditioners and body wash. To avoid spending so much money, purchase mini travel sized containers that are re-usable! Fill them up and bring them with you wherever you go. Affordable, re-usable AND mini sized.
  9. Always pack a first-aid kit and add bandaids! Being out in the woods, you never know what can happen, you always have to be medically ready to heal those wounds and bandage those cuts.
  10. Finally, for a delicious hearty dinner in the bush, you don’t need to marinate your meat for hours. Simply place rosemary or any herb of your choice straight onto the charcoal. The scent and taste from the herb will directly heat and cook your meat – bon appetit!

There you have it! 10 incredible hacks for you to take to camping – embrace them and enjoy!