Camping is a fun and exciting adventurous getaway from the everyday life, mostly going into the wilds or into nature or something that is largely untouched by humanity.

However, camping can also be expensive. You have to buy the tent or tents depending on how many people are there. You have to bring the sleeping bags and pillows, and extra blankets if it’s cold. There’s the food you have to buy in advance because most of the time if you’re camping right, there is no shop. Then you also need all the essentials to cook and eat the food, again depending on how many people are there. Then there’s the lighting and torches, the materials for making a fire, for keeping the bugs away. Things to keep you from getting bored when you’re not exploring nature or the exciting landmarks and places around you. And to top it all off there is the fuel you need to haul all of these things plus the people across great distances and possibly rough and rugged terrain.

Camping is expensive. So when you have the chance at a cheaper way to camp, take it. One step is to sleep in the car you drove in, again depending on how many people are camping. Larger cars like SUV’s or Humvee’s are better for this job as they can traverse the rough and rugged landscape better than other cars, and they have more space to carry more or provide more room to sleep; the downside is they use more fuel.

Another trick to find somewhere with space to park, move around and cook with good sturdy trees around, and that it’s not an area that people are going to drive through and that you’re not blocking a major pathway. Take a tarp or waterproof cloth and string it up over your common-area or where you’ll cook and hang out if not around a fire, and string it up using the trees or other sturdy objects for support. If you’re running of rope for your tarp or a guy rope has been cut short you could tie it together with another guy rope for the full support and tension of the material as a whole.

When camping what you cook is entirely up to you and what you take with you or can prepare and eat. However, it is important to keep in mind where you are in Australia and what you have brought with you as some states have laws against certain foods and objects, such as being unable to bring fruit and vegetables onto the ferry between Tasmania and the mainland. Also it is important when camping to make sure your food is kept in a sturdy and secure container and put away each night before you go to sleep as to prevent attracting wild animals like wild dogs and wombats.

Australia has the reputation that every wild animal can and will kill you. Now while most of the wildlife can cause serious harm and even death if provoked or mistreated, most will only do so in defence of themselves or if they feel threatened or cornered; most of the time animals will simply flee if given the option. However, it is known that some animals are overly aggressive and will sometimes attack if unprovoked. So, again, when camping it is smart to have an idea what sorts of animals and creatures live in the area you intend to visit, to be mindful of them and give them space, or be careful when feeding them, and how to treat and deal with any injuries or dangers should they arise.

Also keep in mind that you are not the only people out in the wilds, particularly in the forests. If you see or hear someone close by let them know that you are there to prevent accidents and damage to each other and property.

There is no straightforward guide to camping, but sometimes this brings out the adventure in doing something. You get away from civilization and the stresses of the modern world for a more peaceful, yet dangerous place. But don’t let that deter you. Get away, enjoy the wilds of nature, but keep this tips and advice in mind when you’re out. And most of all, stay safe, and enjoy yourself.

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